New Mortgage Law

The new mortgage law has just come into force, whose fundamental novelty is the change that occurs in the distribution of expenses

The Law Regulating Real Estate Credit Contracts, or as we know it, mortgage law, establishes that from now on it will be the banks and not the clients who will have to assume the payment of the first notarial documents, registration expenses and those of the agency.

It is estimated that this change will mean a saving of between 500 and 1,000 euros for the client

In this way, the greater weight of the expenses of a mortgage will be assumed by the bank.

While the client will have to pay the appraisal and notarial copies

los gastos de una hipoteca serán asumidos por la entidad bancaria.

Mientras que el cliente tendrá que abonar la tasación y las copias notariales.

Goodbye to the floor clause